Review Catalog and Log In

Everyone is welcome to view our product line and service offerings within our Order Center, but only premier Dealers have access to pricing and availability. If you are not a Premier Dealer, it’s easy to get started, head over to the Contract Store to submit a request and we’ll be in touch to help you from there. If you are currently a Premier Dealer you created your login information when you signed up so you already have access to the Order Center. If you are unsure of your credentials you can use the password retrieval tool with the login portion of the Order Center, or call Order Service 1-800-877-3002 option#1 and they can assist you getting logged in. The Order Center can also handle multiple store front logins under an individual account to provide ownership views and store level access. Talk to your TM for additional information on leveling your multi-user access.

Place An Order

Once you’ve logged in, placing an order within the Order Center is easy. You can choose from the product categories on the left or use the tab across the top for “Quick Order” or “Shop from History”. Using the menus on the left you will navigate through our product lines to and add the items to your cart. Some items require contracts with certain service carriers prior to them being available to you. If you do not see pricing and availability next to a product, please speak to your TM and let them know that you are interested in offering that product line to your customers and they will work to make that available to you as quickly as possible. If you are familiar with our inventory numbers you can use the “Quick Order” from to quickly enter you order without having to navigate the menus. You can also “Shop from History” to quickly add items that you have previously purchased.

Order Tracking and Order History

Clicking on “My Orders” will bring up a list of your order history for a specific time period. Once you have selected an order to review, you can see the details of the order including the current shipping information of the package(s) by clicking the link next to the “ship via”. You will also be able to see quantities coming, if anything was backordered in addition to the details of your order. Very old orders may not be available as they get archived.

Pay an Invoice and Review Account

Clicking on “Pay an Invoice” provides you with a snapshot of your receivables account and also allows you to pay invoices. You can select which invoices you want to pay conveniently with you Visa/MasterCard credit/debit card, AMEX or Discover.

Review Compensation

Many of our services provide Premier Dealers with activation compensation. If you are a Premier Dealer within one of those programs you can click on the “Compensation” link and review monthly summary and detailed line items of your paid compensation for verification and reconciliation. Data is available after commissions have been processed and are viewable in a monthly format.